To replace the wire first, remove the old wire by loosening the grub screw in the slider knob. Pull the skeg blade down and release the retaining screw on the wire. To replace the wire, fit one end of the wire into the skeg blade and tighten the retaining screw.

Thread the wire through the 6 mm tubing to the slider end. Tip: Temporarily remove the tubing from the skeg box, thread the wire through the skeg box first and then through the tubing. Refit the tubing into the compression coupling when finished.

Place the skeg cassette into the skeg box and fit the two retaining screws (M6x20). Make sure that the skeg blade is fully up and that the stainless steel wire is protruding through the stainless steel control rod at the glide box. Cut the wire to fit and tighten the grub screw in the slider knob.