Sea Kayaking UK is owned by Nigel Dennis.

Nigel completed the first ever sea kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain together with Paul Caffyn. Since then Nigel has carried out expeditions in Antarctica, Easter Island and the televised expedition around Cape Horn.

In many ways Nigel has inspired fellow sea kayakers to explore the great coastlines of the world.


Through expeditioning and everyday use, Nigel became aware of the limitations of the kayaks currently on the market and began creating his own designs which he has manufactured since 1993. He introduced the offset day hatch to enable the unsupported paddler to access provisions whilst afloat. He also added the keyhole cockpit which allows for a faster and easier entry and exit compared to the original small ocean cockpit.

Nigel's kayaks have not only benefited from his own expertise, they have also been tried and tested in severe weather conditions and extreme temperature.

Today a whole range of kayaks are available, each designed with specific needs in mind, which overall cater for a wide spectrum of kayakers.

Sponsored Paddlers

Other highly experienced paddlers are using Nigel's boats as they have been specifically designed for advanced conditions. This has led to the set up of Sea Kayaking UK's Sponsored Paddlers.

The Sponsored Paddlers give valuable feed back on their practical experience so a continuous process of development can take place. An example of this is Chris Duff who circumnavigated Japan and New Zealand's North Island and put the Explorer through some of its most severe testing.

Expedition Centres

Nigel provided a catalyst for other adventure-seeking kayakers and the idea of Expedition Centres was born. The Centres are situated in some of the best paddling locations in the world including Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Israel, Newfoundland, North America, Spain, the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Man.

Kayakers utilising the Expedition Centres can be sure to get the quality and reliability of kayaks from Sea Kayaking UK, and a similarly high standard of leadership and coaching from staff.

Courses for all levels

Based in Anglesey, North Wales, Sea Kayaking UK also runs sea kayaking courses for all levels from the novice through to the advanced kayaker. These include BCU / UKCC courses, guided expeditions and courses designed by the customers.

The diverse range of waters, from sheltered bays to tidal races, can meet every kayaker's needs and wishes.

Sea Kayaking UK isn't just a business, it is a lifestyle and a passion.

Annual Symposium

The passion of the sport becomes apparent in the annual symposium which is held near Holyhead on Anglesey in May. Each year kayakers travel from all over the world, to participate, to take advantage of coaching by the best international instructors, and to benefit from the local conditions, which can accommodate paddlers of all abilities.

At the symposium there are more courses and workshops than you can shake a paddle at, during the 3 day Main Event, an Extended Symposium Week, BCU courses and a Tidal Race Weekend.
The symposium normally starts on the first Bank Holiday in May and the programme is released in February.

Phil Clegg, Peter Jones, Dave Simpson, Eila Wilkinson, Nigel Dennis.

All of our coaches are experienced expedition paddlers. The courses are aimed at people who want to gain sufficient skill and knowledge to undertake sea kayaking expeditions from one day to multi day trips. In addition we run BCU / UKCC sea kayaking courses.